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Macro footage of ants finding and transporting dead insects. Panasonic G9 & Tamron 90mm Macro lens.

Some macro footage of tiny Red Wood ants (8mm-ish) that can be seen discovering and moving some relatively heavy loads in the form of other dead insects.

Shot with the Panasonic G9 & the Tamron Adaptall 90mm macro lens (72b) which I reviewed here:

Some of this footage is available to licence at:​ or…

Nature: True Glory. Filmed in stunning 4K cinematic widescreen. Panasonic G9 VLOG-L

A rare insight in to the true glory and splendour of nature, brought to you in stunning 4K cinematic widescreen. Filmed with the Panasonic G9 and Olympus 40-150 F2.8 Pro Lens using the M43-AFD-21. Music: Bach – Prelude in C Major by Ian Post. License number: 873408

Stock Video Media – Our new venture, some outtakes and a promo video

We’ve decided to try our hand at supplying stock video footage. I’ve had requests in the past for footage but have never supplied any due to the complications of licensing and copyright.

This video features a few outtakes. Because of my insistence upon always using a tripod I quite often miss the shot which I know to some is unthinkable but my OCD insists that the footage is stable!! And then there is the lack of cooperation from some of the subjects.

We have found it very difficult to reach the 1000 subscriber mark so we can monetise the channel to recover some of the cost of producing videos. We are very grateful for all of our subscribers and we will continue to produce videos in to the future but we are momentarily biased towards building our portfolio of video clips.

We are now selling stock video footage through pond5:…

All of our clips are also available to view at our website:

We’d be interested in your feedback, thanks.

“Sunday Afternoon” an original guitar piece

Picked up the guitar this Sunday afternoon and recorded this piece live to test the pick-up that’s built in to the acoustic guitar.

Meat processing & packaging in nature – Olympus 60mm macro – Panasonic G9

A tiny creature shot with a macro lens is processing & packaging it’s kill. Shot with the Olympus 60mm Macro lens and the Panasonic G9 camera.

Pick and Pluck Foam – is repair or change possible?

Restore, change or repair your “Pick and Pluck” foam. With a little bit of patience you can re-arrange your pick and pluck foam.

The Damselfly & Other Insects. Panasonic G9 VLOG-L samples.

The Damselfly & Other Insects. Filmed with the Panasonic G9 using VLOG-L.

A small collection of some of the insects that I have found local to where I live during May 2020.

Lenses used: mostly shot with the Panasonic 14-140mm and with super close-up footage using the Olympus 60mm Macro.

The DIY IKEA lightbox camera stand diffuser thingy

Here is a simple DIY project costing less than £10 using an IKEA ‘Trofast’ container. Build a camera stand lightbox/diffuser which gives surprisingly good results and is fun to use.

These cute cows are up to scratch! Panasonic G9, Tamron adaptall II 70-210mm lens, 4K VLOG-L 10BIT

Oddly satisfying. In a lock-down Coronavirus world the cows don’t care! These cows have to cope with all the insects that are presently thriving in this almost pollution and traffic free environment. The tree in this movie which is stripped of any cow height growth serves an important purpose.

Captured this during my well loved, can’t come soon enough, 1 hour exercise allowance!

Testing my old (1988) but trustworthy Adaptall II 70-210mm lens (46A), I had forgotten how much I love this lens.

Probably the best value motorised camera slider mod ever! ;-)

This simple camera slider mod can be applied to motorise many sliders. It’s simple to do, very effective and the components are cheap to buy at around $30. There are lots of options for powering the slider as well as customising the range of speeds.

This video has many slider samples featuring the Panasonic G9 and Olympus 60mm macro lens. The rest of the content was filmed by the Panasonic G80 with 12-60mm kit lens.

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Please note: This video was recorded at 25 fps. If the slider shots within this presentation do not look smooth try setting the refresh rate of your monitor or TV to a multiple of 25 (hz) i.e. 50hz, 75hz or 100hz. Thanks.