First time testing the “Magic Mask” facility within Davinci Resolve. I didn’t spend long adjusting the settings and also didn’t spend much time drawing the mask outline. I drew roughly around the inside of the lizard and then inverted the mask. The result is not perfect but considering the lack of care and time put in to this I’m suitably impressed. Probably with a bit more care and attention to the settings this may have been a perfect result but with the noise present in the shot at ISO1250 on the BMPCC 6K G2 it may cause glitches in the ability for the mask to define the edge exactly. The mixed indoor lighting and the reflections in the glass may also prove a hindrance to the masks ability to attain perfection.

Shot with the BMPCC 6K G2, Canon 100-400 USM IS L MKII, through glass at a distance form the subject of approx 2.5 metres. The subject was a Fiji Banded Iguana which was about max 30cm long from nose to tail tip.