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Review: New Neewer 44mm Low Profile Ball Head. Great price, but does it perform?

Having recently returned three other ball heads for various problems, does the New Neewer 44mm low profile ball head perform any better?

Pergear TH3 Pro ball head review. A seemingly very popular item. Any good?

The Pergear TH3 Pro ball head receives glowing reviews on Amazon, does this reviewer agree?

Pick and Pluck Foam – is repair or change possible?

Restore, change or repair your “Pick and Pluck” foam. With a little bit of patience you can re-arrange your pick and pluck foam.

Tamron Adaptall II SP 90mm macro lens (72b). Review and video samples on Panasonic G9 in VLOG-L

A review and lots of samples of a classic legacy lens, the Tamron Adaptall II SP 90mm macro lens (72b). A sharp lens that can deliver outstanding results on modern digital cameras of all brands, and is usable with many sensor sizes including Full Frame, APS-C and M4/3 using the appropriate adaptor.

Sample video footage was recorded in VLOG-L on a Panasonic G9 in 4K.

Lens footage shot with Panasonic G80 & 12-60 kit lens.

My new Panasonic 14-140 lens with video samples in 6K photo mode on the Panasonic G9 using V-LOG L

I purchased from eBay a used Panasonic 14-140mm lens which replaces one that I destroyed last year.

I shot some sample footage whilst enjoying my allocated exercise time during the Coronavirus lock down and captured all the clips in 6K photo mode on the Panasonic G9. I hope that you enjoy!

The eBay seller that supplied the lens:

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The DIY IKEA lightbox camera stand diffuser thingy

Here is a simple DIY project costing less than £10 using an IKEA ‘Trofast’ container. Build a camera stand lightbox/diffuser which gives surprisingly good results and is fun to use.

These cute cows are up to scratch! Panasonic G9, Tamron adaptall II 70-210mm lens, 4K VLOG-L 10BIT

Oddly satisfying. In a lock-down Coronavirus world the cows don’t care! These cows have to cope with all the insects that are presently thriving in this almost pollution and traffic free environment. The tree in this movie which is stripped of any cow height growth serves an important purpose.

Captured this during my well loved, can’t come soon enough, 1 hour exercise allowance!

Testing my old (1988) but trustworthy Adaptall II 70-210mm lens (46A), I had forgotten how much I love this lens.

Panasonic G9 V-LOG L Upgrade – Video samples and review

Finally committed to the V_LOG L upgrade to the Panasonic G9. Is it any good?

If you are thinking about the upgrade then check out my sample clips. There are lots of high contrast shots to test the claim that there is 12 stops of dynamic range.

A must read: VLOG-L Based Production (from Panasonic):

Review: Laowa 17mm F1.8 lens – MFT – M4/3 – Micro four thirds – Panasonic – Olympus

This is a user review of the Laowa 17mm F1.8 C-Dreamer lens for Micro Four Thirds – MFT – M4/3 system which include Panasonic and Olympus cameras. Don’t expect laboratory condition tests this was done in my living room during COVID-19 lock-down but I believe that the results are interesting.

It’s available at a great price especially if you buy direct from China. The delivery from Laowa in China was incredibly fast.

Overall this is a quality item but does it perform well?

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Presentation filmed with the Panasonic G80/85. Sample video filmed with the Panasonic G9.

The Unused Clips of 2019 in 4K. Panasonic & Olympus Micro Four Thirds – M4/3 – MFT showreel

I had some clips from 2019 that didn’t make to any other video so this is a collection of some of those clips. My hope is to show that the Micro Four Thirds system still has a firm place in 2020 (and beyond) and that when care is taken to expose a scene properly the system can demonstrate good dynamic range and low noise in many different lighting scenarios. Or maybe I just wanted to find a use for some otherwise redundant clips… you decide!

The Micro Four Thirds system is subject to the occasional criticism but I have found it a great replacement for my Samsung NX equipment and you will not find better value if you want to shoot 4K video.

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All shot with the Panasonic G9 & G80 using lenses from both Panasonic & Olympus: Panasonic 12-60mm F3.5-5.6 Panasonic 14-140mm F3.5-5.6 Olympus 60mm F2.8 Macro Olympus 45mm F1.8