Throw away your microphone! Artificial voices, any good?

I signed up to a new service recently because I was impressed by the voices that can be generated by this text-to-voice software. I intend to use the voices for some short upcoming videos as I am currently selling my house and moving so all my equipment is all over the place and my time is limited.

What do you think? Can these voices actually work for a video of this nature, maybe just in small doses, or do you hate them?

I created this video about lens hoods at the end part of 2020: In this current video I have replaced my voice with the artificially generated voices as a test, and for some feedback.

If you are interested in this online software the details are here: video that we have created from new completely with artificial voices. Your feedback is welcome!

King of the swingers, locked and loaded. Comedy. Viewer discretion advised!

Cute capuchin monkey is not bashful and seems to be enjoying his day!

Contains monkey nudity, view at your discretion. If this one doesn’t go viral I’m giving up! 😉

Original footage available to licence at:

Ring-Tailed Lemurs. Beautiful creatures and my favourite Primate! (Panasonic G9)

A few minutes in which we share some wonderful time in the company of ring-tailed lemurs. An incredibly intelligent social animal and very cute with it!

To add to the cuteness factor there is lots of footage of young pups, one of which takes a liking to my tripod.

Shot with the Panasonic G9 camera and Olympus 40-150 F2.8 Pro Lens. Captured in Panasonic V-LOG L.

Gibbon calls an emergency at the zoo ;-)

Just a bit of fun. Original footage available to licence at:… &…

JJC Extension Tubes MFT – Micro 4/3. Another unfinished review.

JJC Extension Tubes MFT – Micro 4/3. Yet another item that does not warrant the time and effort it takes to produce a full review.

I sometimes film a review whilst discovering the item for myself and if I reach a point where I feel that the item is not up to scratch that’s where I stop the review as to my mind there is no point in continuing to review a product that I consider is not fit for purpose. Hence, the unfinished review.

Unknown Hero. Air Vice Marshal George Lott. RAF 1922-1959.

I was honoured to be involved in the production of a book that charted the career of George Lott who entered the RAF at 15 years of age as a boy mechanic and retired some 37 years later with a rank of Air Vice Marshal. The book was written by the man himself albeit unbeknown to his family until the manuscript, documents and photos were discovered after his death in 1989.

As part of his long career George Lott commanded a Hurricane squadron in 1940 during WW2.

The book in PDF format is available for purchase at:

Macro footage of ants finding and transporting dead insects. Panasonic G9 & Tamron 90mm Macro lens.

Some macro footage of tiny Red Wood ants (8mm-ish) that can be seen discovering and moving some relatively heavy loads in the form of other dead insects.

Shot with the Panasonic G9 & the Tamron Adaptall 90mm macro lens (72b) which I reviewed here:

Some of this footage is available to licence at:​ or…

Nature: True Glory. Filmed in stunning 4K cinematic widescreen. Panasonic G9 VLOG-L

A rare insight in to the true glory and splendour of nature, brought to you in stunning 4K cinematic widescreen. Filmed with the Panasonic G9 and Olympus 40-150 F2.8 Pro Lens using the M43-AFD-21. Music: Bach – Prelude in C Major by Ian Post. License number: 873408

Tripods: do your legs splay? This DIY hack might be the answer!

Having used my trusty Manfrotto 055 tripod for over 30 years I have finally made a gadget that can prevent the legs splaying while it’s being carried. It’s easy to make and also speedy and convenient in use.

Cheap Chinese phone is superior to the Panasonic G9

After exhaustive testing I conclude that the cheap Umidigi F1 Play is much better than the Panasonic G9.