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A Visiting Baby Greenfinch

We found this very tired little baby Greenfinch outside our living room window. It was in our garden for at least a couple of hours. The poor thing could not keep it’s eyes open. We kept an eye on him, he fully recovered his strength and took flight again.

Filmed with a Panasonic FZ1000.

Privet Hawk-Moth in our garden

We found this wonderful Privet Hawk-Moth in our garden, quite a beast! They can grow to have a wingspan of 12cm.

Relax to music & views as we take the ferry out of Portsmouth

Sit back and chill for 20 minutes to relaxing music and views as we take the ferry out of Portsmouth, England towards France on board the Mont St Michel (Brittany Ferries).

Other Stuff – Cute little birdie attacks camera! The real Angry Bird.

Sweet rare little bird (Cirl Bunting) decided to attack the video camera that I had placed in the garden to get some footage of him. Precious stuff.