Panasonic V-LOG L – It’s all in the grade – shot in 6K photo mode

A bit of fun playing with some sample colour grades applied to a clip shot on the Panasonic G9 using the V-LOG L profile. Shot in 6K photo mode I try to demonstrate how well the profile holds up (10 bit 4:2:0) under various grading tortures and also demonstrate the main benefit of shooting in the 6K mode.

Review of a Sioti lens hood & comparing the differences

I talk about threaded metal lens hoods, make comparisons and also review a lens hood by Sioti. There is one important factor that may influence your choice of metal lens hood, you may be surprised to know that there can be differences.

Stock Video Media – Our new venture, some outtakes and a promo video

We’ve decided to try our hand at supplying stock video footage. I’ve had requests in the past for footage but have never supplied any due to the complications of licensing and copyright.

This video features a few outtakes. Because of my insistence upon always using a tripod I quite often miss the shot which I know to some is unthinkable but my OCD insists that the footage is stable!! And then there is the lack of cooperation from some of the subjects.

We have found it very difficult to reach the 1000 subscriber mark so we can monetise the channel to recover some of the cost of producing videos. We are very grateful for all of our subscribers and we will continue to produce videos in to the future but we are momentarily biased towards building our portfolio of video clips.

We are now selling stock video footage through pond5:…

All of our clips are also available to view at our website:

We’d be interested in your feedback, thanks.

“Sunday Afternoon” an original guitar piece

Picked up the guitar this Sunday afternoon and recorded this piece live to test the pick-up that’s built in to the acoustic guitar.

Review: New Neewer 44mm Low Profile Ball Head. Great price, but does it perform?

Having recently returned three other ball heads for various problems, does the New Neewer 44mm low profile ball head perform any better?

Meat processing & packaging in nature – Olympus 60mm macro – Panasonic G9

A tiny creature shot with a macro lens is processing & packaging it’s kill. Shot with the Olympus 60mm Macro lens and the Panasonic G9 camera.

Pergear TH3 Pro ball head review. A seemingly very popular item. Any good?

The Pergear TH3 Pro ball head receives glowing reviews on Amazon, does this reviewer agree?

Pick and Pluck Foam – is repair or change possible?

Restore, change or repair your “Pick and Pluck” foam. With a little bit of patience you can re-arrange your pick and pluck foam.

Tamron Adaptall II SP 90mm macro lens (72b). Review and video samples on Panasonic G9 in VLOG-L

A review and lots of samples of a classic legacy lens, the Tamron Adaptall II SP 90mm macro lens (72b). A sharp lens that can deliver outstanding results on modern digital cameras of all brands, and is usable with many sensor sizes including Full Frame, APS-C and M4/3 using the appropriate adaptor.

Sample video footage was recorded in VLOG-L on a Panasonic G9 in 4K.

Lens footage shot with Panasonic G80 & 12-60 kit lens.

The Damselfly & Other Insects. Panasonic G9 VLOG-L samples.

The Damselfly & Other Insects. Filmed with the Panasonic G9 using VLOG-L.

A small collection of some of the insects that I have found local to where I live during May 2020.

Lenses used: mostly shot with the Panasonic 14-140mm and with super close-up footage using the Olympus 60mm Macro.